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English | Virtual Reality

English | Virtual Reality

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    The goal of the application is to educate caregivers about safe transfer techniques. With the aim of reduce attrition and work injuries, to ensure the safety and rehabilitation of patients and to improve education and work environment in the health care sector throughout Virtual Reality experiences.


    There are four scenarios of patients with different functional levels which can be viewed from four Points-of-View. Below there is an instructional video helping you to download the application, how to prepare for the VR experience (wearing the VR headset - starting the app) and describing the functions of it through examples.


    Video: Click here to see the instruction on how to download and use the app “application tutorial” (Opens in a new window)


    • Compatibility: android
    • Material: mobile phone and VR headset
    • Please note that you need a stable internet connection for the app to work optimally



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    Sidst opdateret: 4. oktober 2023