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The partners come from Croatia, Cypres, Spain, Sweden and Denmark as the lead partner.

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    The Consortium consists of six partners divided into three categories:

    1. Education of health care workers
    2. Work life of health care workers
    3. Development of digital tools for health care workers



    The Consortium includes three universities, a nursing home, a research center of interactive media, a municipality and a rehabilitation center to form the project based on different perspectives and skills. The project will build bridge between the education, the health care worker’s work life and the development of digital tools.


    The partners 

    Spain, UCAM, Fundacion Universitaria San Antonio 

    https://investigacion.ucam.edu/opri/proyectos (Opens in a new window)


    Croatia, VEVU, Lavoslav Ruzicka, College of Applied Sciences 

    https://www.vevu.hr/erasmus-ka204-strategic-partnership-project-stteh/ (Opens in a new window)


    Denmark, VIA, University College of Applied Sciences 

    For more information please use the following links (all links open in new windows)

    VIA University College - find din uddannelse her | VIA

    Aarhus Kommune (Municipality of Aarhus)

    Velfærdsteknologi (aarhus.dk) (Project management and leading partner)


    - RISE (Research centre on Interactive Media, Smart Systems and Emerging Technologies) + AMEN (Archangelos Michael Nursing Home) from Cyprus

    More information coming soon.


    Sweden, the Municipality of Västerås:

    For more information please use the following links (all links open in new windows)






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