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Conference on ergonomics and transfer

The conference will be held on the 27th of May 2021 by VIA and Aarhus Municipality and is part of the EU project Safe Transfer Techniques. You can attend the conference either physically at VIA or online from your home workplace.

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    At the conference, we will present the first results of the project, which i.e. are presentations on transfer, ergonomics, teaching programs and guidelines as well as tools for transfer teachers.


    The conference is for you working as a transfer counselor in elderly care, hospitals or nursing homes. Or teaching transfer / ergonomics in practice and at educational institutions, e.g. the educations for occupational therapists, physiotherapists, nurses and healthcare workers.

    The conference language is Danish.



    The conference is a joint initiative between VIA University College and Aarhus Municipality. We work together in an EU-funded project "Safe Transfer Techniques", where the purpose is knowledge sharing about transfer technology and ergonomics across national borders in Europe.

    The project is a further development of the "Ergonomics concept" developed by Aarhus Municipality, which has led to a reduction of 36% in the number of transfer work accidents over the past two years.

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