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Conference in Vukovar Croatia | March 2022

"Lavoslav Ružička” College in Vukovar held a multiplier event on March 25, 2022,

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    “Lavoslav Ružička” College presented activities and intellectual results from the Erasmus + project of the strategic partnership project “Digital Tools and Methods for Safe Transfer Techniques for Caregivers in Today’s Health Care Sector”. “- STTech, where VEVU is a partner institution.

    The main goal of the event with multiplier effect was the presentation of the “E-interactive manual for Peer learning on safe transfer techniques” which is intended for caregivers and people who deal with the care of people with mobility difficulties.

    The event was successfully held in a hybrid way, with a large turnout of participants. About 50 participants from remote parts of different regions of Croatia attended the event online and about 25 participants from a closer region physically participated in the event at the Polytechnic. In addition to the mentioned participants, the event was also attended by physiotherapy students with whom they also shared an insight into various international transfer practices. In this way, the sharing of results and effects from the STTech project at the national level was achieved.

    The purpose of this event was to present an E-interactive manual consisting of 6 chapters with the most important segments that need to be mastered in order to apply secure transfer techniques, Peer to Peer teaching methodologies and exchange international practices of transfer techniques and basic principles of secure transfer, assessment. risk and how to work with your own body in order to prevent exhaustion and injuries at work and prevent risk for the patient, as well as motivate the target group to follow trends and use different sources of knowledge through education and daily work.

    Participants were representatives of national institutions, bodies and associations in the field of health and care, lecturers, teachers, trainers, physiotherapists, nurses, occupational therapists, professional caregivers, private careers and trainees, students, pupils and others interested.

    The event was led by members of the Croatian project team, Head of the Department of Health Studies, Ph.D. Slavica Janković, PT, senior lecturer and senior lecturers from our Polytechnic: Stjepan Jelica, mag. physioth., PT, senior lecturer, Mateja Znika, mag. physioth., PT, senior lecturer, Vesna Brumnić, B.Sc. physioth., PT, senior lecturer and external associate doc. dr. sc. Iva Šklempe Kokić, PT, senior lecturer.

    After the presentation of the project, project activities and intellectual results, a panel was held with representatives of regional institutions on the topic “Possibility of applying transfers and issues in the clinical environment.”

    According to the evaluation of the participants, the whole event was evaluated with high positive marks and praise, and the participants agreed that it was an event with very useful and applicable content.

    More pictures from the event at College of Applied Sciences “Lavoslav Ružička” in Vukovar (new window): Erasmus + STTech multiplying event successfully held - VEVU

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