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Central Denmark Region becomes EU Reference Site. Aarhus Municipality is a front-runner in digital and innovative solutions

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    Denmark is ranked as the most digital society in Europe by the Digital Economy and Society Index, 2018. However, 2019 was the first time Central Denmark Region tried to become a Reference Site. This has been done in close collaboration with Aarhus Municipality, a front-runner in digital and innovative solutions in this area – also internationally.

    Four stars for partnerships

    The region is now labelled as a Reference Site with four out of four possible stars, which is an acknowledgement of strong regional partnerships across hospitals, municipalities, education and knowledge institutions, companies and citizens. The Region knows how to collaborate across sectors and institutions, and the investment of different organisations and municipalities.

    Aarhus empowers seniors

    he Municipality of Aarhus has invested heavily when it comes to applying new technology, and actively participates in the development, refinement and practical testing of new technological and innovative solutions. The digital age has already transformed the health system in Aarhus. The ultimate goal of Aarhus Municipality is to empower senior citizens to be independent of their services. The Department of Health and Care is dedicated to rethinking ICT solutions in European public-private partnerships to address the pressing issues of Europe’s demographic development, where life expectancy is rising while workforce is decreasing.

    Forces gathered at AAL Forum 2019

    For the first time, the 2019 EIP on AHA Conference of Partners was jointly organised with the AAL Forum on the 23-25 September 2019 in Aarhus, Denmark. As part of their joint mission to support ageing and care in digital transformation, the two organisations teamed up to bring together all the doers and shapers on active and healthy ageing from Europe and beyond.

    The Danish city of Aarhus hosted the event, which included an action-packed agenda, with 32 parallel sessions, three plenaries, internationally renowned keynote speakers, and an exciting exhibition area where the latest designs and technology for the Silver Economy was showcased. Smartwork was featured in the event, with a booth hosted by the ECHAlliance and multiple references from many of its partners.

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