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ACE | EU-project for the North Sea Region

Accelerating the Home Care Innovation Ecosystem of the Future in the North Sea Region.

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    Countries in the North Sea Region (NSR) should benefit more from transnational learning exchange. They have similar challenges.  

    The EU is in the process of a major demographic change. In 2021, 20.8% of the population was aged 65+. In the NSR this change is even more clear with countries like NL/FR/DK seeing an increase of 3-5% in the last 10 years, above the EU average (Eurostat, 2022).

    This tendency is expected to keep growing over the next decades. And with it, the prevalence of non-communicable diseases as the leading cause of chronic illness.

    Despite the shared challenge, there is limited exchange among stakeholders about innovations and best practices across the North Sea Region.

    Care takers are also getting old

    As of today, the EC reports that 1/5 households need professional care. The healthcare system and its limited network of medical facilities cannot sustain the rising number of care users and the demand for high-quality care in the long-term, particularly since the care workforce is ageing as well. In fact, most NSR regions are already experiencing a shortage of qualified personnel.

    There is a recognised need to anticipate user demands through innovation.

    ACE supports solutions involving technology

    ACE supports the home care ecosystem in NSR, stimulating the delivery of quality service and the independent way of life of care users, through the joint definition and acceleration of NSR innovations (e.g. wearables, ehealth, assisted living products), and through the adaptation of care service providers to upcoming technologies. ACE manages a digital community of 350+ stakeholders, upscales 30+ innovations that directly address care user needs and adapts 150+ NSR home care providers (5% NUTS3) to these innovations.

    ACE supports transnational learning exchange

    To set the basis for the home care of the future, it is key to involve problem owners (home care service) and solution providers (innovators), but also target users (citizens), research and public authorities. In other words, the whole ecosystem must be represented. This is where ACE steps in, with its unique approach that fosters not only innovation, but also transnational learning exchange, that is for the benefit of the full NSR home care landscape.

    ACE is a project with the highest priority in Interreg North Sea Region. Please see the following links (links open in a new window) 

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