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The Public Private Innovation Fund (PPI) for Assisted Living Technology focuses on innovation in public/private partnerships.

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    The aim of The Public Private Innovation Fund (PPI) for Assisted Living Technology is to increase the use of technological solutions across the municipal organizations for the benefit of both citizens and companies. With 4 million Danish Kroner available annually, the Fund can support projects with funding, financial advice and project management. Through the years it has financed or co-financed many successful projects by testing, developing innovative digital solutions.


    The Many Possibilities of Assisted Living Technology

    The target group for assisted living technology is constantly expanding. Assisted living technology is primarily in use in the field of elderly and disability care. But assisted living technology is not only relevant when we are old or sick. The technology can advantageously be used by younger target groups benefitting several service areas in the municipality. For example, technology can be used as a tool for learning and increasing the well-being of children, young people or vulnerable groups in our society. Basically, assistive living technology can help citizens of all ages while improving, streamlining or eliminating the need for a welfare benefit. Moreover, this type of technology can also provide innovative and smart solutions for urban development and the use of urban spaces in our municipality.


    From Municipal Operations to Business Development

    The desire to extend the fields of use for assisted living technology through innovative public private partnerships has successfully driven the Fund since 2013. In 2020 the City Council decided to emphasize the public private partnerships even further, and of January 2021 the Fund’s name and objective has been adjusted accordingly.

    Innovative public-private partnerships make it possible to document whether a new solution is technically possible and / or economically advantageous. Aarhus Municipality believes that cooperation with the private sector when testing and developing new technologies and digital services will lead to new solutions.

    Going forward the Fund primarily supports PPI projects, but can also provide support for internal activities in Aarhus Municipality for the development of ideas prior to collaborations with companies.


    Fund Objectives and Goals for Effectiveness

    The Fund’s objective continues to support the establishment of assisted living technology projects within the welfare technology area, and thereby pave the way for increased utilization of technologies in Aarhus, but with the added aim of supporting business development through PPI.

    New solutions based on assisted living technology will continue to be a very important means of:

    • providing good services to the citizens of the municipality
    • ensuring a good working environment for the employees of the municipality
    • Streamlining the operations of the municipality
    • Supporting growth and innovation in private companies

    To be granted support from the Fund the four above goals have to be met.

    Sidst opdateret: 19. december 2023