Phase 1 has been completed and each partner has contributed their knowledge about safe transfers techniques.

  • What basic principles are used
  • What methods
  • What aids
  • What laws and guidelines are there in each country?

Many issues were addressed. It looks different within each partner country and finally consensus is reached, which is summarized in a handbook and an appendix with algorithms. These can now be found on the website (in English)! Handbook Safe Transfer Techniques ( 

Meet your colleges in Denmark 

Do you speak Danish and want to know more? Then take part in the conference that takes place on 27. May, participate physically or digitally. Sign up here (Safe Transfer Technique projektet (STTech) | VIA)


Eventually, the information on the website will be available in all partners' languages; English, Danish, Swedish, Spanish, Croatian and Cypriot. Read more about who participates in the project under the heading partners Partners ( and people People ( here on the website.