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Screenshot from STT course


1.Translation - Introduction

► Video, introduction

  1. Software/programs to use


2.Translating the videos

► Video, translating the videos

  1. Download files from
  2. Map-structure 
  3. Translating Subtitles (SRT-files) 
  4. Speaking and recording voice 
  5. Import and replace subtitles and speak in videos 
  6. Editing title 
  7. Export SRT-file (subtitle) 
  8. Uploading video to Vimeo 
  9. Adding thumbnail, subtitles and end screen to videos in Vimeo 
  10. Saving embed code from Vimeo to use in Course 


3.Translating the course

► Video, translating the course 

  1. Setting up Articulate 360 - Rise 360: (Free Trial 60 days) 
  2. Duplicate course 
  3. Change language/labels 
  4. Hide author 
  5. Import/export text from course 
  6. Translate different elements of the course (using Google translate) 
  7. Change order of right/wrong answers in quiz-questions 
  8. Replace videos – replace embed codes from Vimeo 
  9. Making a review link 
  10. Export course to LMS and web 


4.Translation - Insert speak

► Video, insert speak 

  1. Add audio blocks to course to have text read out a load 
  2. Recording audio 
  3. Uploading audio