Central Denmark Region, MarselisborgCentret and Aarhus Kommune proudly present the 24th world congress of rehabilitation in Aarhus in 2021

From 7th-9th of September 2021 hundreds of scientists, professionals and exibitors will join the Rehabilitation International World Congress (RIWC) in Aarhus. We expect 2.500 guests.


Vision: Moving societies

The vision of RIWC 2020 is to be a global platform, engine and stepping stone for rehabilitation to continue moving societies. Below you find our five perspectives and 11 themes.

During lock down due to Corona virus CareWare arranges monthly online conference days presenting assisted living tehcnology. Presentations are available on video on the CareWare platform.  


During the last 10 years the annual CareWare Conference has been an event that brings together important players in the field of assisted living technology. The participants are:

  • professionals who are daily working with disabled or elderly people
  • product developers and innovators who are aiming at generating ideas and inspiration for the development of new and ground breaking technology
  • suppliers of products who are seeking new professional partners
  • public officials seeking inspiration and partnerships

The conference is a mixture of:

  • short lectures
  • exhibition of technologies
  • networking

The conference takes place over two days in four locations in Aarhus with international participation.

A Swedish - Danish partnership

CareWare Nordic is a partnership between Swedish and Danish regions around The Kattegat Sea. Our goal is to spread assisted living technologies in the Nordic countries. Doing so we work closely together with product developers, professionals and public officials.

  • CareWare Nordic is supported by the EU program Interreg, Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak
  • The program runs from June 2018 to 2026 

Short term goals

  • technologies for assisted living will be presented for public procurement
  • knowledge of technologies shall be accessible to officials and professionals
  • the motivation to use technologies shall be enlarged with the employees 

Long term goals

  • Companies from the Nordic countries will expand their position on the world market
  • Export markets in the EU, China, Korea and the US will be explored
  • Regulations of purchace will be discussed and unified across the borders of the Nordic countries
  • A positive effect upon the public budgets is to be expected